Saturday, September 1, 2012

By the waters edge

Tonight I went to the waterfront, which is something I do often during the summer. Accept this time, I had a new experience! A very envigorating one. Normally, I go and sit on the edge of a cement dock in the middle of the water front, but every once and a while a strange man in spandex will be at that particular dock. He plays 80's and 90's dance music and spins around a self-made obsticle course on roller skates. STRANGE! I always get a bit proturbed when I see him at my favorite spot. He was there tonight. So, I had to go elsewhere to find my peace and quiet, which ended up being spectacular!! I found this little inlet with sand and rocks, and I actually scooted through the sand on my bottom and climbed down a few rocks to the waters edge. (with partial limbs mind you. Yeah I'm cool like that ; ) I was literally sitting inches from the water. The tide was high and the water kept playfully splashing me. I sat there for a looooong time. I have seen the fish jump at dusk, but this time I saw fish jumping inches from my face!  AND!!! I saw a seal inches from my face. But dag nab it!! As soon as the seal showed up, so did this couple with small children, the Dad has a cigarette in his mouth and started yelling at his kids which scared the seal away. Oh if looks could kill! I'm a good Christian gal, but please don't EVER be "that guy." Anyway..... moral of the story, sometimes circumstances push you outside of your comfort zone, but if you embrace change, you may find yourself amazed and looking at the same thing in your life, but with a closer, more intimate vantage point. Oh and don't mess with what is sacred by being inconciderate.

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