Monday, January 28, 2013


I had a revelation about revelation today! lol  As I have been preparing for the Ms. Wheelchair Washington pageant, I have gotten a version of writers block. What should I say in my interview? What is my message? How do I tell my story?  This weekend I spent time with two amazing sisters in Christ. You know who you are ; ) Just dialoging with them propelled my vision forward more than 10 brainstorming sessions ever could.  As I shared my heart and story with them, they began to speak into  my life. "You're story is powerful." "Your business is called SHIFT for a reason, you SHIFT peoples minds and hearts. You challenge people to think differently about people and limitations."  As they spoke these words it's like the sky of possibilities opened up over me.  I began to connect with the message of my life, the story that is being told through me.  We all have a story that is being told through our lives. What's yours? Revelation is simply SEEING the big picture of who God is and who we are created to be.  When we first come to Christ we see a sliver of the big picture, we see our need for love and we see His love and grace that meets our brokeness. As we walk with Him we begin to see our original identity and purpose.  After walking with Him a while we start to see His power working through our life and changing other's lives. And then we see all the possibilities our life holds to change the world.  A good church ministry should foster this journey of revelation of self identity and purpose.  I'm thankful to have a church, and amazing friends who have helped me discover my identity and purpose.  I hope you will find the same for your life.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


As many of you know, I am running for Ms. Wheelchair Washington this year.  In preparation for the pageant, there are many things that need to be done.  First of all, just the basic everyday needs of life need to be met, like paying bills, working, and keeping up with church and friends. In addition, I need to earn more money than usual in February in order to buy clothes and pay for a rental van in March for the pageant. It seems like as soon as I decided I was going to run,  a bunch of new expenses started popping up, my wheelchair needed repaired, I had to get a new internet carrier, and during the holidays things got tight finacially because sales always drop around the holidays.  So, for about a week I felt really discouraged and defeated.  This past weekend I started to pray into my financial goals, and came up with a game plan to accomplish them.  I determined that if I sell 2 art pieces, and schedule 4 speaking engagements in February, I will accomplish my financial goals. So far this week, I have sold 1 art piece and I have 2 speaking engagements set for February.  I am so blessed!! My experience in life has taught me that when we walk in purpose, God's favor opens doors so easily, it's hard to believe.  Find that sweet spot of favor, and marvel at what God can do in your life!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

You were born to shine!

I don't mean to sound like a Debbie downer, but these past holidays were hard. As everything has started to go back to a normal routine after the holidays I feel like parts of my soul are unthawing. Now I am looking forward to all the opportunities 2013 holds.  I have some amazing opportunities coming up. More speaking engagements and I'm running for Ms. Wheelchair Washington in March.  One of the parables Jesus told was the parable of the talents. The jist of it is, don't hide your talents in the ground.  Lately, I have felt a frustration in my soul, a yearning to be less hidden. To shine! Even a dear friend recently said, "Jenny, you've been hidden, and it's time for the world to see all that you are."  I agree! In fact, I need to shine.  It is a mandate from God that our light shine before all men! It is written on our hearts by our creator that we should be seen, and if we are not, something inside of us is left wanting. This year I will press into more opporunities to unveil my talents. Will you join me? Because you need to shine too!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The lone Bride

I have really been struggling with loneliness, just as a lot of people do during the Holidays. Loneliness can make you crazy, and make you more inclined to do something out of character.  As I sought for resolve in my time with God today, I found this poem I wrote in September of 2010. I don't even remember writing in, it seemed like I was reading something someone else wrote, but it spoke so deeply too my heart. I wrote this poem as a response to a very dry, lonely time I was experiencing.

The lone Bride

I found myself
Like a long lost friend
I lost her somewhere
Trying to find a solution to this ache
But the more you give, the more it takes

I found myself in you
I'm hungry for your bread
I'm thirsty for your wine
Nothing else in this world can fullfill me inside but you!

I lost myself at some point in time
My soul became a dessert
An endless scape of land
Thirsty, thirsty for the answers
Thirsty for love

I didn't know I was lost until the day I was found
You found me
You took me in your arms
And you loved me

You dressed me in a purple robe
And put a crown on my head
I found myself in you
And now I never have to search again

We're not afraid of God
We are afraid of ourselves and what we could really be
We are afraid to take the journey
For fear that we will hate what we find
So we fill this fear with temporary answers that never satisfy

But we have no need to fear
For all of us are fearfully and wonderfully made
If we find the jewel of who we are within
We shall not be disappointed
For we are created by our Father in Heaven, who gives good and perfect gifts

I stand strong and free as I walk toward your altar
You're waiting there to love me, to satisfy me
You are all I need!

Now that I know you
There is nothing I cannot do
For knowing myself is the key to finding everything I've ever dreamed!

Now I'm walking toward the altar with no body standing there
But I'm standing, strong and confidant that I am not alone

When you know who you are inside
And you know your destiny
You will never be alone again

I will forever be free!!