Friday, September 21, 2012


Today has been a hard day.  I feel like I have colided into darkness.  I feel like I can't trust my feelings right now.  Right now the things that I treasure are being challenged. The Word says where are heart is, there our treasure lies. I feel that I treaure mans opinion of me over God's sometimes. I am such a diva, I crave attention and sometimes I'm willing to get it unhealthily.  I know that I love Jesus with all my heart and I want to be the woman He has called me too be. I am so thankful for grace. I need it in abundance now.  My desire is that God would resolve this tension.  I choose Him, above all else.  Where are your treasures? What is God challenging in your life?


  1. It feels like everyone has been moving through their own darkness lately, including me. It is so hard because it feels like an eclipse, and I feel alone. I find that trusting God's love is constant and unconditional allows me to accept and love the woman I am and question the woman I feel I should be. It is a great time for healing and letting go of old patterns that no longer work if you can stay present and accept that there is grace in the shadow too.

  2. I agree sister!! Thank you for sharing. It is so reasuring that I am not alone in this. YOU are not alone in this.