Tuesday, February 5, 2013


This is my rough draft for the Ms. Wheelchair WA day of interviews and platform speech. Please provide feedback.

Miss Wheelchair Washington

Potential, opportunity, advocacy, favor, beauty, growth, connection, purpose, vision

What is the vision for being Ms. Wheelchair Washington?

·         To shine!

·         To have more opportunities to grow my business

·         To spread the message of SHIFT

·         To use the arts to build self-esteem

What is SHIFT?

·         Motivational speaking business which bears the message of “The Power of Words.” Our words and action are powerful to build up a life or tear it down, to include or exclude.

·         Our weaknesses may be what we are self-conscious of, but our weaknesses are the very thing that shines in the world.

·         People think that having no arms and legs is an impertinence that it is something that needs to be fixed, but it’s not. It’s a gift to inspire others to pursue their full potential. If I can live a full life, you can.

·         I have fought hard to know who I am and sought hard. Many people have encouraged me. I have had the wonderful privilege to find the gem of my identity. I want to help others discover the gem of who they are, whether able bodied or disabled.

What is my message?

·         There is something really amazing worth finding beyond our limitations

·         SHIFT peoples mindsets to see the power of inclusion

·         Give everyone who wants to shine, a chance to shine

·         Words have the power of life and death, to build up or tear down

Platform speech

·         Background

·         Experience with the power of words in my life

·         Starting SHIFT

·         Vision of SHIFT

·         What I would do as Ms. Wheelchair WA

·         Song

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