Saturday, February 23, 2013

Children's book

I am writing a children's book to compliment my "Power of Words" presentations.  Here is y rough draft. Please give me feedback!

Children’s book

 Title: Words Have Power
(Not illustrated, pics of me and real people.)

Hello, my name is Jennifer Lynn Adams.

I was born with missing limbs. (Pic  of me as a baby.)

I grew up in a big family. (pic of my family)

In a small town. (Pic of small town)

I use a wheelchair to get from place to place.  (pic of me in my wheelchair)

When I am at home I move around outside of my wheelchair. (pics of me at home)

When I was a kid, other kids would tease me because I looked different.

Being teased hurt my feelings and made me scared to go to school (sad face pic)

When I grew up and went to college (pic at PLU)

I made friends who spoke kind and true words to me.  (Pic of college friends)

They said “You are beautiful.”  “You’re life has purpose.” “Your story will change lives.”

Their kind words and friendship took away the hurtful words said to me in school and made me happy to be me! (happy pic)


POWER TO BULID UP! (pic build up)

 OR TEAR DOWN! (tear down pic)

Your good words and kind actions are POWERFUL!

The same way my friends help me, you can help others be happy too!!


Start now! (pic starting line)

Watch the power of your good words and actions

Build up other’s around you! (pic of happy kids)

Say it out loud!

“I will use my words to build others up!” “I will use my actions to help others around me!.”


The end

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