Saturday, August 25, 2012

Be still

In life we all have a choice, either to move forward or to stay comfortable.  I have realized, simply by watching others live their lives, that some people breath air, but never really live.  This "life death" can come in 2 forms. One, a person just lives out their daily routine; goes to work, comes home, eats dinner, watches TV and goes to bed. Then one day that wake up in the latter part of their life and realize they never really lived. The second kind of "life death" happens when a person does not love themselves, so they run after approval from others.  They never really sit still long enough to take life in, for fear that their own thoughts will catch up with them and they will lose the rat race for approval. I tend to struggle with the 2nd kind of death, but I am learning more than ever how to really live. I love to skateboard at the waterfront. I sit on the skateboard and push with my left small foot. When I was younger I was so antsy and self consumed that I could not sit still. But through trials in my life; dealing with the stresses of living life as a single woman with a disability with a great drive for life, I have learned the importance of sitting still and just being.  So I go to the park, the waterfront or my room and just read, breath, take in the beauty of life. That is where there is true peace. While I was at the waterfront tonight, I watched fish jump out of the water to catch bugs. I realized that the fish who jump the most, catch the most bugs. I want to jump and jump and jump and catch the most bugs/ opportunities in life. I hope you will too!  Truely living comes through a balance of doing and being.

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