Monday, October 8, 2012

Wind in the sails

I was talking to my roommate tonight about the struggle of asking for help.  Asking for help is one of the most humbling things we have to do as humans. The fact that I have partial arms and legs means that asking for help comes with the territory. The truth is, we all have needs. The truth is God desires to meet our needs.  He does not desire that we would have a deficit in any area of our life, but so often we ask for help as though He wont answer. When we believe this, the only option is to meet our needs on our own, which leads to burn out.  It's like being in a sail boat and instead of turning the sails at full mast towards the wind, we grab oars and row like a maniac towards our destination. The truth is, the wind is there, and if you trust in the wind and turn your sail towards the wind, it will fill your sails and propell you forward to your destiny.  The point is you must turn toward Him and admit your need. He will answer, He will fill every part of your life, every area that you invite Him in.  Let Him fill your sails and rest in His will.

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