Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Education Revolution

I woke up this morning with an idea in my mind that I believe was given to me by God. I was thinking about education and public schools and the way that they are run,  so regimented with very little creative freedom.
                When we are small children most of us live an existence of playing and having all our needs met by our parents or guardians. This existence changes almost immediately when we start kindergarten and each year of school we are gradually inundated with institutional rules and regulations.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not minimizing the important of education and structure in developing a healthy society but the way most public schools are run we are taught more how to survive small spaces, over populated classrooms, and underpaid teachers than we are to be healthy members of society.  During our childhood and adolescence we spend most of our waking hours in this environment, then we graduate go to college and join the workforce, where again we are confined to a small space like a desk or a cubicle.  If we do nothing to get out of the rat race, then that is where we stay and our biggest dream becomes retirement. When we retire, suddenly we aren’t working and all we know to do with our free time is watch TV.  I paint a dismal picture, I know, but unless you confront and challenge this model of existence you will be stuck in this model of existence for life.
Bells and policies, large classrooms, small halls by which students shuffle to and from class.  I believe that this model of education squelches the vision and freedom that our youth need to become free thinkers and world changers.  Youth should be learning in the community, in nature, through travel and new experiences.  Another vision has been added to my life dream.  In my future when I am a wealthy business woman I want to start a school that has a Montessori style of education, where students learn in a model of freedom.  I'm thinking of an education co-op. Not home schooling, community schooling.  The school would not have a building with classrooms, but teachers would teach within different venues of the community, outdoors and even abroad.  There will be very little standardized testing.   I believe with this style of teaching youth will have an educational experience which will allow them to live life to it fullest. It will show them a model of living life that will prevent them from entering into the adult slump that many Americans experience.

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