Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Bride

The Son, is Jesus, the Messiah, God in bodily form who in equality with the Father took on the sins of the world to create a way for mankind to connect with God.  Jesus is not the Sunday school Jesus that many of you may have been taught.  He is God!!  The Creator, the beginning and the end, He bears the Glory of the Father.  He shines in splendor, with all wisdom and power. He raised Himself from the dead with the power endowed Him as God.  He hold the keys to Kingdom.  He was raised from the dead and went to Heaven in bodily form.  He is in bodily form waiting for a church, the Bride to return to. Would any of you want to marry a bride who had just rolled out of bed, hadn't brushed her teeth, or her hair, or hadn't taken a shower?  No! A glorious bride not only brushes her teeth and takes a shower the day of her wedding, but she will spend months before the wedding preparing; preparing the bridal party, picking her wedding dress, going to spa treatments, going on a diet, getting her hair done at the salon, finding and securing the location, picking the music and arranging decorations for the location. She will also spend months preparing and engaging the hearts of the people involved; talking to family, having Bachlorette Parties, and a bridal shower.  The groom waits. The groom is less involved with the planning, but he supports the bride and waits for the day when she will reveal her glory to him and they can be one and be together forever.  The bride is compelled to prepare for the groom because he loves her and celebrates her and yearns to have all of her with him in life.  Jesus is the groom of Heaven and Earth.  And we, the Church are His Bride.  He loves us and celebrates us and He is waiting for us to prepare ourselves as a Bride.  You see the Church is not a building with four walls, a title and a denomination.  The Church is us, the believers of God.  God is after our hearts and He is waiting for His Bride to prepare for the return of His son.   Right now as the church we are closer to being the bride that just rolled out of bed, not fully awake, bad breath, no shower.  We need to wake up and get ready for our glorious King and Groom.  You are His church and I strongly believe that the youth of this generation will wake up the Bride.  Your gifts and talents will be used by God in the world to bring positive change and wake up the Bride to be prepared for her Groom.

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